Thursday, 28 February 2013

The Advantages of Remote Garage Door Openers

A home that has a garage means that you have an extra space that can be used to conveniently store all sorts of items. The main use of a garage is to keep one or more cars protected from the elements. Other people like to utilize the garage area for storing items that cannot fit inside the home. For instance, holiday decorations or hobby related tools and accessories can be easily stored away until needed. A feature that many modern garage spaces have is electronic garage doors. These are doors that are specifically designed to be able to move up and down when connected to a remote garage door opener.

There are several good reasons to install an electronic garage door opener.

Convenience of Easy Access

In the past, when pulling up to a garage door that is manually operated a person needed to get out of the car, walk up to the door, bend down and lift up the heavy door using physical strength. This routine happened whether it was sweltering hot or freezing cold outside. The person then had to hop back into the car, park and again pull the door all the way down manually. That could be quite a hassle.

On the other hand, opening garage doors that are remotely operated is a breeze. Depending on the unit, the driver simply pushes a few buttons from either the car or a keypad and the door instantly opens. There is no need to strain your back.

Improved Safety

Manually operated garage entrance doors are susceptible to burglaries from unknown intruders. In essence, anyone can simply lift up the door and enter into the garage. From there, they may even have easy access to the home. This simply isn't very secure. That is why installing a remote garage door opener can really make your home much safer. The features of most units make it possible to activate special security codes that prevent unauthorized entry. These security features operate even when the homeowner is away on vacation. This provides a lot of peace of mind when it comes to home protection.

Another way these units boost security is during emergencies. Sometimes children or pets find themselves in dangerous situations by getting stuck underneath a heavy garage door. A remote operated door only requires the quick push of a button to free anyone trapped.

Quiet Operation

Many people leave for work early in the morning and there could be others that are still asleep. Some electronic garage door openers are so quiet that they do not disturb anyone else in the home. Getting a DC powered unit is the best choice for the quietest door operation.

Easy Operation

There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to remote garage door openers. There are a variety of remote control designs that suit any home environment. Many are programmable and the homeowner can enter special security codes that can be changed just as easily. One remote door opener can control multiple doors if needed.

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